Paris, France

We arrived in France at night and the view of the country from the sky was absolutely stunning.  The flight was only about an hour, and cost around $50 to travel from London to Paris(traveling between countries in Europe is crazy cheap!). We navigated a very complicated metro system to meet our Airbnb host. Coincidentally, it was Fashion Week and streets were full of life.

Our host was extremely kind and gave us a quick tour of the area surrounding her home, and then inside.  She lived walking distance to the Eiffel Tower (see picture below) and the view was breathtaking.  The attraction was lit so beautifully and was the perfect welcome for us guests.

After watching the glittering monument for a while and soaking in the fact that we weren’t dreaming and that were actually in Paris, France, we decided to go get food.  We walked a few blocks to a local shop where they were serving something like a chicken wrap and delicious fries (they called them chips).

We were pretty exhausted by this point and decided to call it a night. The next morning, our host made us a traditional French breakfast.  She made a trip to a local bakery for some fresh bread, fruit, and an impressive assortment of teas. She even shared some delicious home-made jam with us from her parent’s farm in the country.  Moments like this made us appreciate Airbnb because it gave us an opportunity to live with the locals and this created a very special experience.

Paris is such an adorable, charming, city during the day. The atmosphere is laid back, but still bustling with energy from local shops and businesses.  We walked to the Eiffel Tower area and were mesmerized by the beautiful architecture and design of the buildings.

After performing our duties as tourists, taking pictures at every corner, and then, of course, the Eiffel Tower, we stopped at the cutest restaurant.  This place had a French bulldog as a mascot named Lucky, and he greeted us at the door. The customer service was spectacular and we indulged in a wonderful meal.  We also had to indulge in the famous crepes! Lucky gave us a nice show, made us feel comfortable throughout our meal, from appetizer to the check.

I wish we had more time to explore Paris, but we were beyond satisfied with the little taste we had.  I will be back for sure!

Next stop, Madrid, Spain!

P.S. – Can someone submit this to Vogue?! lol, jk. But you know I had to stunt during #parisfashionweek ! 🙂

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