London, England

From the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina to the Queen’s Country of England, the journey through Europe was definitely one to remember. Our first stop was London. We were fortunate to find a nonstop flight, courtesy of American Airlines, and we enjoyed the entertainment system as well as delicious meals throughout.  Upon arrival, Keziah and I navigated London’s metro system to the main attractions.  We had planned to stay in England for a couple of hours prior to our flight to Paris, so we decided to hit all of the main historic monuments.

We ventured through the Royal Green Park leading to the one and only Buckingham Palace.  To our surprise, we made it just in time for the Changing of the Guard.  This event was a huge deal as it involved police escorts, a band performance, and large crowds gathering around the scene.

We made our way back through the park and ate at a pub that was recommended to us nearby.  The food in London wasn’t as good as some of the other countries that we visited, but I could taste a difference in the ketchup on my burger and of course, the tea.

We spent the rest of our time in England visiting the Big Ben and the London Eye.  I definitely loved the vibe throughout the streets, double decker buses, and telephone booths.  I loved the architecture on the buildings and exposure to a new culture and way of living.

Despite the nip, March weather, our overall experience in London, England was beyond amazing. Next stop- Paris, France!

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